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3D Printers

Get 3D models within hours. Outsourcing or hand-building a prototype in-house takes days or weeks; a 3D printer can create that same part in just hours. Get faster design iterations with immediate feedback and lower your costs every step of the way. Available in a variety of office-priced models and with several lease and purchase options, a 3D printer might be just the thing to reduce your product's development life cycle and bring manufacturing back into your control.

Idea Series
It's not just a 3D Printer.
It's an idea engine.
Desktop 3D printer with color model inside, and gearsMojo
Affordable, fast color printing
uPrint SE and Plus 3D PrintersuPrint SE/Plus
Larger models, up to nine colors
Design Series
The power of prototyping.
The Objet24 3D PrinterObjet24
3D Printing for models in white
The Objet30 Desktop 3D PrinterObjet30/Pro
Specialty models & models in 5 colors
The Objet30 Prime 3D PrinterObjet30 Prime
Includes flexibility and specialty options
The Objet Eden 260, 350, and 500 3D PrintersObjet Eden
For precise single-material model building
Desktop 3D printer with color model inside, and gearsObjet Connex
120 material options let you capture every detail
Desktop 3D printer with color model inside, and gearsObjet260 Connex 1-3
Three models, up to 1000 materials of 3D printing
Dimension 1200es 3D PrinterDimension 1200es
Durable and affordable 3D printing
The Dimension Elite 3D PrinterDimension Elite
Still durable, now in high resolution
Desktop 3D printer with color model inside, and gearsFortus 250mc
Maximum 3D printing control without losing durability or detail
Production Series
Without the line.
The Fortus 360mc FDM 3D PrinterFortus 360mc
Can use up to 11 plastics
The Fortus 400mc FDM 3D PrinterFortus 400mc
A larger build size than the 360
The Fortus 380mc and Fortus 450mc FDM 3D PrintersFortus 380mc/450mc
The latest production technology in 2 build sizes
The Fortus 900mc FDM 3D PrinterFortus 900mc
Our largest printer, using a full range of FDM
Desktop 3D printer with color model inside, and gearsObjet500 Connex 1&2
3D printing with up to 120 materials
The Connex3 multimaterial PolyJet 3D PrinterObjet500 Connex 3
Full-color multimaterial 3D printer
The Objet1000 PolyJet 3D PrinterObjet1000
For creating industrial-sized multimaterial parts
The Objet1000 Plus PolyJet 3D PrinterObjet1000 Plus
Even more advanced large-scale 3D printing and production

For home or hobby use, the Makerbot provides a lower-priced alternative to Stratasys 3D printers