At FISHER/UNITECH, our goals are simple. Help our customers minimize development time and cost, and maximize quality. Our applications of focus include software and hardware products for process improvement in the discrete manufacturing industry.

Create [SolidWorks 3D CAD] - You think in three dimensions. Your products are three dimensional. Doesn’t it make sense to design them in 3D?
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FISHER/UNITECH is a leading reseller of SolidWorks 3D CAD software. SolidWorks helps make design faster and more intuitive. 3DVIA Composer software reduces the amount of time it takes to create documentation. We also provide many partner products that address niche market design concerns including industrial design software, CAD model repair, conversion and translation tools, blank nesting and prediction software, inspection automation software, and reverse engineering tools.

Simulate [SolidWorks Simulation] - Reduce the number of assumptions required in a world that’s rarely linear or static.
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SolidWorks offers a suite of simulation packages that let you set up a virtual real-world environment to test your product designs.
Test against a broad range of parameters throughout the design process—like durability, dynamic response, heat and pressure, even fluid dynamics—to evaluate performance and make decisions to improve product quality and safety. Simulation lowers cost and speeds time to market by reducing the number of physical prototypes you need before going into production.

Build [Dimension 3D Printers] - Test designs and catch flaws earlier with a 3D printer or FDM production system...
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Test designs and catch flaws earlier with a 3D printer or FDM production system. Build functional models in-office using durable ABS plastic.
Dimension 3D Printers are prices for office use, and help you create concept models and communicate design intent.

The Fortus family of FDM Prototyping Systems create functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, end-used parts and can be used for direct digital manufacturing (DDM.)

Manage [Enterprise Product Data Management] - Put a stop to paper-based document management with better tools for managing your engineering data.
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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software helps you improve processes and communication, facilitate design re-use, manage distributed design teams and work with suppliers and vendors easily, while Aras EPLM provides a turnkey solution for corporate-wide PLM business processes optimized for companies that run SolidWorks.
3DVIA Composer technical publication provides associate re-use of SolidWorks 3D CAD data for creating technical documentation including product manuals and assembly instructions to 3D animations and videos.