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Design Excellence Forum

Design Excellence Forum - SOLIDWORKS 2015

Join us for our second annual Design Excellence Forum and discover the solutions that will give you more time to do what you love - innovate! This event is completely free of charge and open to anyone; there are both training components and technology spotlights to feature the latest in manufacturing, so whether you're already using some or all of the technology being highlighted, or you're just thinking about it, there's something for you to learn.

Check out our agenda and then register for one of our locations below.

9:15 AMIntroduction
9:30 AMKeynote Speech
We will have a speaker from SOLIDWORKS corporate at each Design Excellence Event. Speakers to be announced soon!
10:15 AMDesign Excellence with SOLIDWORKS 2015
We cover the ins and outs of SOLIDWORKS 2015. What's new? What's changed? How will this affect your design process?

Altium User Group*
*EXCLUSIVELY at our TROY, CLEVELAND, ST. LOUIS, and CHICAGO locations, attendees have the option of joining an Altium User Group event instead of the SOLIDWORKS 2015 presentation.

After lunch, we will break out into three rooms for a Technical Track and two Technology Spotlight tracks. Choose the track you wish to attend when registering - since you can switch tracks, we will ask you to choose a session for all three time slots.
  Room A Room B Room C
1:00 PM Keeping Real World Simulation Simple A First Look at SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual Search, Secure, Manage & Collaborate: Are you Leveraging Your Data
2:00 PM 25 Things You Didn't Know SOLIDWORKS Could Do Innovating Great Products with Advanced 3D Printing Solutions 10 Things You Should Know When Engineering Plastic Parts
3:00 PM Inspect What You Expect with SOLIDWORKS Inspection The Next Frontier of Electronic Design Solving Complex Simulation Scenarios
Chat with our experts, network, or just unwind!

Start Time
1 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/1/2014 Kansas City, KS 9:00 am Register
2 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/3/2014 St. Louis, MO 9:00 am Register
3 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/7/2014 Cleveland, OH 9:00 am Register
4 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/9/2014 Cincinnati, OH 9:00 am Register
5 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/14/2014 Chicago, IL 9:00 am Register
6 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/16/2014 Milwaukee, WI 9:00 am Register
7 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/20/2014 Fort Wayne, IN 9:00 am Register
8 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/22/2014 Troy, MI 9:00 am Register
9 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/24/2014 Grand Rapids, MI 9:00 am Register
10 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/28/2014 Boston, MA 9:00 am Register
11 Experience 3D! Design Excellence Forum 10/29/2014 Providence, RI 9:00 am Register